Trucking Division

Using Florida International For Your Trucking Needs Is A Very Cost-Effective Way Of Shipping Your Domestic Freight To Any Destination In The US, Canada And Mexico. Florida International Offers Trucking Services That Can Be Tailored To Your Specific Shipping And Budget Needs.

For clients looking for cost-effective trucking, Florida International offers the following trucking transport methods:

Local Trucking (Tri-County Area- Dade, Broward, Palm Beaches)

Florida International is a U.S. Customs Bonded carrier able to  transport shipments between the ports of the tri-county area. Our radio  dispatched trucks give our customers the peace of mind that your  deliveries are being picked up at your location and being delivered to  your destination on time.

FTL – Full Truck Load

Throughout the US, Florida International has partnered with the  nation’s best carriers to provide a wide variety of Full Truckload (FTL)  options. FTL options for large shipments include… Air Ride, Flat-Bed,  Low Boy, Heavy Haul, Refrigerated Trucks and more…

LTL – Less than Truckload

For shipments that will not fill an entire truck, less than truckload  (LTL) offers unparalleled convenience and cost savings for domestic  shipping. Standard LTL trucking is the most cost-effective over the road  service. Expedited LTL is available for shipments on a deadline or  schedule.

Intermodal Transport

For Clients who want to further reduce costs, Florida International  provides intermodal freight transport. Freight is transported in a  container by a combination of rail and truck, without any additional  handling of the freight itself. Rail service helps to improve security,  reduce damages and loss, and meet scheduled delivery times.

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